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SMART LINE Pet Products are produced by It’s A Dogs World Ltd., Jamaica’s most recognized professional establishment for total pet care. It’s A Dogs World is involved in all areas of pet care, including grooming, training, and boarding. The Smart Line range of products are competitively priced and are equal in quality with leading products developed in the USA and other developed markets.

It’s A Dogs World commenced operations in 1981 in Kingston, Jamaica by Jennifer Mahfood. Jennifer has had over 40 years of experience in the field of animal care. She has experience as a Veterinary Assistant, an Animal Laboratory Technician in an Emergency Animal Hospital, a Animal Trainer, a Health Care Advisor with Dog Boarding and Animal Grooming.

It’s a Dog’s World may well be considered as pioneers in the animal care industry in Jamaica, as even the animal lovers were not equipped to provide the proper care for their animals. There are also large number of security companies which had guard dogs. We were involved with checking these dogs and try to make their lives more comfortable with good nutrition and care.

In 1993 we started putting together a flea shampoo since the available ones were too costly. We worked with a well-known cosmetic company to formulate a shampoo. We needed a flea shampoo, a soothing shampoo made with Aloe Vera and a wound powder which I could use on white dogs and young pups. The available wound powders were too strong and stained the dogs’ coats. I wanted mine to be as close to white as possible and to have some special healing agents.

In 2007, we decided to do an overhaul of the shampoos, their ingredients, and their packaging. As a result we put together a group of products that would supply the needs of all types of pets. Our goal was to make these products the best that this region had ever seen.

What better person to spearhead the effort than one who has the hands-on experience with professional grooming on a daily basis? We know what to use in these products to create shampoos which are very effective.

We hope that you have as much success with our line of pet products as we have had with them in our pet care operations.

Smartline Pet Products is always evolving, always keeping up with the times, always making a difference, your pet’s care is always on our mind.


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