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SMARTLINE LUXURIOUS REMOISTURIZING SHAMPOO leaves coat moisturized, soft and manageable with a sheen.

Natural skin loving oils to soothe dry flaky skin, revitalize and restores coat to optimum strength and lustre. Adds body, volume and shine with Wheat Germ Oil, Silk Protein to bind hair shaft and Glycerin for restoration of coat condition. Has a slight fragrance of rose.


  1. Wet dog thoroughly.
  2. Apply Luxurious Remoisturizing Shampoo into coat until a luxurious lather is built up, being careful to avoid contact with eyes.
  3. Rinse and repeat application allowing lather to remain on coat for 5 -10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
  4. Use Smartline Remoisturizing Conditioner for optimum skin and coat care.

CONTAINS: Silk Protein, Wheat Germ Oil, and Glycerin.

CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Do not Swallow


If shampoo gets into eyes flush with water. If irritation persists seek medical attention.


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